26 FEBRUARY 2024

Quantum Internet Alliance officially launches QIA Technology Forum at the Mobile World Congress 2024

The first global technology forum to connect pioneers to QIA quantum internet technology developments

Quantum Internet Alliance officially launches QIA Technology Forum at the Mobile World Congress 2024

The Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) has officially launched the world’s first global quantum internet technology forum at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona on 26 February 2024.

Aimed at accelerating engagement on quantum internet with a broader range of stakeholders, the launch of the QIA Technology Forum (QIATF) will connect and expand the QIA collaboration to a diverse ecosystem of industry, academia, ecosystem partners and key players along the entire quantum internet value chain across the globe.

"Understanding the potential of the quantum internet for the future users and market needs will allow for accelerated transition from research to engineering products and tailored solutions for quantum internet. The QIATF is our platform to facilitate such engagement and pave the road for early commercial deployment of quantum internet technology innovations"
- Prof. Dr. Stephanie Wehner, QIA Director

QIATF is an open forum that will focus on technical interaction with pioneering, forward – thinking stakeholders committed and dedicated to the quantum internet technology development, to building and broadening of the global quantum internet ecosystem and its commercial deployment. QIA welcomes all interested organisations in Europe and beyond to participate to the QIA Technology Forum. Its membership is organised such that it allows for three levels of engagement: (1) Core Member, (2) Adopter Member, and (3) Associate Member.

Its technical work will be organised in Special Interest Groups (SIGs), wherein QIA and relevant stakeholders will be able to bridge the knowledge between the established industry players and the QIA members. The QIATF will kick off with two SIGs focusing on interactions with network operators – spearheaded by Telecom Italia, and space/terrestrial interface for quantum internet – spearheaded by Thales Alenia Space.

“The activities of QIATF adhere the QIA vision of building a global internet made in Europe and align with QIA’s roadmap. We envision the QIATF to grow exponentially in the next few years, serving as a robust vehicle for technical exchange on quantum internet between industry, academia, and research and technology organisations.”
- Vlora Rexhepi-van der Pol, QIA Innovation Manager noted.

Currently, the QIATF has members in nine countries across Europe. To learn more about QIA and QIATF please visit: