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Quantum for Business is a European platform of quantum technology that educates, connects and guides frontrunner businesses who want to lead the quantum revolution. We are a uniquely positioned not-for-profit platform, supported by the Dutch National Quantum program and leading public institutes & businesses in quantum. The quantum revolution is sure to turn heads!
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Quantum Computers

Quantum computers perform calculations based on the probability of an object’s state before it is measured. Which means they have the potential to process exponentially more data compared to classical computers.
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Quantum Sensing

Quantum sensors are instruments that can be used to observe variations in the environment, such as changes in temperature, radiation, acceleration, time and electric or magnetic fields.
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Quantum Networks

Quantum networks are a new way of communication using qubits. Because of their nature, any attempt to intercept a message or info will be noticed, thus making this a very secure method of sending sensitive information.
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What quantum
technology can do

Quantum technology is a key innovation that makes radically new products and services possible. The first machines able to surpass classical computers are on the horizon.
Quantum computers, -networks and -sensors will soon be able to do things that classic devices are unable to, such as calculating the composition of molecules and materials and positioning without gps.

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Let's hear it from them!

“Quantum for Business inspires and educates companies of all sorts that want to learn what quantum technology can do for their organization and customers”.

Berry Vetjens TNO
Berry Vetjens
Director Market TNO ICT

"Quantum computing has the power to change the world, your world. The future of entire industries is on the verge of change never seen before. At Quantum for Business, we’re building a community of forward-thinking businesses, academics, developers, preparing to become quantum ready, future-ready!"

Sam Bambust
Sam Bambust
Head of Business Development, Co-founder Oeco groep
De Cronos Groep

“Quantum is gaining speed and importance. It is a fundamental change in how we compute and communicate. It is important to understand the impact of quantum in your business and sector. Current educational efforts do not service that growing need in industry, so Quantum for Business steps to the plate.”

Kees Eijkel
Kees Eijkel
Director of Business Development