Quantum Networks

Quantum networks are a new way of communication using qubits. Because of their nature, any attempt to intercept a message or info will be noticed, thus making this a very secure method of sending sensitive information.

Expectations are that these networks will eventually evolve into a quantum internet, allowing for safe communication,tracking and digital environments. Think: Secure passwords, superfast internet and safe digital environments that prevents hacking.

Quantum networks


Quantum encryption

Quantum safe communication

Post-quantum encryption could prove to be potentially crackable when quantum computers improve. Protecting selected high-importance networks through Quantum Key Distribution is the most likely use case to materialize in the next 20 years. Value is driven by preventing strategic/economic losses due to cybercrime.

Distributed quantum computing

Multiple connected quantum computers can achieve results faster

Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) computers across different locations can share data. While a NISQ computer can only realize a small number of qubits and has limited quantum error correction, it can gain higher computation power by connecting them through classic and quantum channels. This is called Distributed Quantum Computing and can vastly increase the computing power that quantum computers as a part of the quantum internet can bring.

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FAQ's about Quantum Networks

Can quantum entanglement be used for communication?

Quantum entanglement can be used for communication by taking advantage of the unique correlations exhibited by entangled qubits. We can use entangled qubits to create instantaneous agreement on information across very long distances.

What are the advantages of quantum communication?

Communication takes place through quantum entanglement, the coupling of properties of two remote qubits. This coupling, and thus the communication, is fully secured by the laws of nature. Using entanglement in quantum networks also allows for other use cases, such as distributed quantum computers and blind quantum computing, where only the user is aware of the remotely executed quantum computation.