30 NOVEMBER 2022

The House Of Quantum is officially opened, a new home for quantum companies across the Netherlands

Quantum Delta NL (QDNL) opened the first location of the House of Quantum, in Delft. The House of Quantum is to become the world’s first national quantum campus consisting of several multi-tenant buildings for quantum companies across the Netherlands. The Dutch Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Micky Adriaansens, officially opened the building during a festive event.

The House Of Quantum is officially opened, a new home for quantum companies across the Netherlands

House of Quantum offers memberships to local and international companies, investors and researchers to work, meet and collaborate on tomorrow’s quantum technology and grow their business. With House of Quantum as a separate initiative, Quantum Delta NL aims to expand the tech ecosystem, to create synergies between the entirety of expertise clustered around the main Dutch knowledge institutions and between quantum hardware and software, and to bring in non-technical stakeholders that can support the national quantum ecosystem. This is a central ambition of the national growth programme, for which 615 million euros was awarded.

A national quantum campus

The companies working on the technologies in this early stage of the quantum economy need workspaces and high-end lab facilities, which are often too costly to implement individually. As part of the national quantum technology programme, coordinated by QDNL, the government is investing in multiple locations across the country, including Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Twente.

In Delft, the first location is now open for business, two more will follow in Delft (starting with a building on the same premises in 2023). Other locations will follow between 2023 and 2026. The main building alone, which is to be known as Europe’s smartest 12.000 square “quantum meters”, will have workspaces and will be home to high-end labs and testbeds for Quantum Computing, Quantum Networks and Quantum Sensing.

The international quantum community

With the first House of Quantum location now open, it is also possible for international start-ups, SMEs and corporations to become a House of Quantum member. Companies can choose to set up offices or labs, or join through coworking and community memberships. For larger companies who would like to engage, there are also opportunities to become a House of Quantum sponsor.

“Quantum technology is a promising field of technology and the Netherlands has world-leading research facilities. Now is the time to convert our academic lead into economic activity. Fruitful public-private cooperation like The House of Quantum plays a central role in this process. Here, all blood groups and disciplines from the ecosystem come together to accelerate the application of quantum technology.”
- Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy | Micky Adriaansens

“There is no doubt that quantum technologies will have a profound impact on the world, transforming information and communication technology systems to deliver benefits for society as a whole. The arrival of the House of Quantum demonstrates the Netherlands’ long-term commitment to the advancement of this technology through science and entrepreneurship.”
- Special Envoy | Constantijn van Oranje

 ”The Dutch quantum companies are laying the ground for the global value chain of quantum technology; where science and innovation go hand in hand with business. With these new buildings, Quantum Delta NL is providing us with the physical space necessary to further execute this mission. Already today, this makes the Dutch ecosystem a renowned international hub for collaboration and innovation.”
CEO Qblox | Niels Bultink