World Economic Forum 2022 Quantum Report: Governments and businesses must act now, as quantum security risks and business opportunities cannot be ignored.

Quantum is real, and organizations need to take notice now. This is a unique moment in modern history where everyone can prepare for the technology as it is being shaped and matured

World Economic Forum report - State of Quantum Computing: Building a Quantum Economy

Quantum computing is developing rapidly, with government and business investment reaching $35.5 billion globally, but the technology has not reached maturity yet.

The potential of quantum technologies is unprecedented, and they have the potential to solve logistical and financial optimization problems, and empower fundamental science and existing technologies. Despite this potential, cybersecurity concerns and unrealistic business expectations undermine the development and adoption of the new technology. This report by the Global Future Council on Quantum Computing aims to provide a clear, concise and neutral assessment of the current state of the quantum computing industry, advising business leaders and policy-makers on actions to be taken now to prepare for the technology once it matures.